OwnCloud SQLite is Only for Testing

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Lately I had to realise that the OwnCloud support for SQLite is literally only for testing, even if you have a single user, despite what I have read out of the documentation (which states you could use SQLite for few user sites).

I had several issues with my calendars as well as my contacts (failed to sync, failed to import, etc.), which all vanished when I migrated/converted the database to MySQL. Luckily, OwnCloud has support for exactly that use case. Just invoke the following (given you have setup php correctly).

Download the Right FreeBSD Kernel Source Code

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Today I wanted to download the right kernel source code and found this helping blog post. However, I got the feeling that the url can be built automatically to avoid fetching the wrong URL. Use the following command instead and it should always fetch the appropriate sources according to your currently running machine: