Stuff related to the Zshell, an alternative to the Bash and descendent of the korn shell

Transferstack rewrite in Python

A long while ago, I re-wrote the transfer stack for the shell in Python. The transfer stack is the counterpart to the directory dtack, which is known by the commands pushd, popd, and dirs. The corresponding tools of the transfer stack are pusht, popt, and transfers, all of which can be found in my github repository.

rm2trash for OS X update

I recently updated the shell add-on for OS X, that overloads rm to not remove the items, but move them into trash instead. Before the update, a for loop moved every single item given in the command line into trash using one osascript (Apple Script) call per item. This caused a blocking shell with one ‘flupp’ sound effect for each moved item, which can be quite tedious, when removing many items, even if they are small. Now, after the update, a item list is created and filled with all given items to remove and in the end passed to one osascript call.

Nesono-Bin Bashtils RM to Trash Now with Put Back Support

I just changed my helper script, which moves the specified files into Trash instead of deleting them directly to use the Finder by calling AppleScript. This change now enables the Put Back feature from Mac OS X Trash, which was not available using the method before. Get a copy from github and enjoy.