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RSS Feed Icon from Font Instead of Image (PNG) with Drupal 7

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As written in a post before, I customized the Drupal RSS feed icon by replacing it with my own PNG icon. Unfortunately, the PNG icon should be designed well and is never scalable when using pixels. Therefore, I wanted to change it to a font based (vector) icon using again free fonts from font squirrel.

Using @font-face for Clean Fixed Fonts On Any Platform

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As I promised a while ago, I will discover some details of the current nesono Drupal 7 theme. It has been optimized towards readability and is inspired by services like pocket (read it later), readability, and the reading plugins for several browsers.

In this post, I will explain the font settings as specified in the CSS files of this site’s theme.

Broken Drupal View

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Today I stumbled over a problem using Views in Drupal. I had two listing Views - one listing all blogs, the other all posts, which muddled up my whole page:

The navigation dropped to the bottom and the content was listed kind of hierarchical, but without following an obvious rule. I searched quite a while - made hundreds of queries to google, without success.

Drupal Updates

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You can now find a drupal upgrade script on github and for drupal modules installation! Beware that this script was written for my site setup and works for me, maybe not for you, as you have other site setups, etc. I wrote it with respect to other setups though, but will never guarantee that :) If you are reluctant, try drush instead - though drush screwed my page up at least :/

Recently, I needed to upgrade my drupal installation and was quite surprised by the complexity of a drupal system update. Therefore, I sum up the steps necessary here, to simplify the process next time.