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Octave Debugging

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This was actually a Comment in another post of mine, but I’ll paste it here since the migration to Disqus and it’s worth a post anyway:

iss replied on Mon, 2011-07-04 10:31:

I just found a nice site about Octave debugging. It told me about the following two functions, which are very nice for debugging, which is a pretty pitty in Octave in contrast to Matlab :/

Matlab Subplot with linked/connected axes

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I recently had to make a Matlab™ subplot and wanted to link the axes of the two plots together, so that both graphs show the same range on their x-axis. Of course, there is a simple command for this in Matlab™: linkaxes. Detailed information about the command can be found on the Web-Documentation. The following code shows, how I did it in my script.

Write m-files for Matlab and Octave

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Some days ago, I needed to write an m-file (Matlab™ Function File), which had to run under Octave as well. If you use full Octave compliant stuff, this works quite easily without modification of your code. But if you use e. g. subplot(…) with a range to make one plot broader or wider, Octave resigns. Therefore, I put in the following statement and wrote this blog message as a reminder :)