Source Code Managment tools, like svn, cvs, git, etc.

TIG - Git Curses Interface

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Since some weeks, I am almost completely using tig for my work with git repositories. It requires a unix shell and git to be installed (I have not tried to install it on windows) and I have found that the keyboard shortcuts need some tweaking.

The shortcuts are easy to remember and are particularly easy to use on a US layout keyboard (i. e., where |, {}, [], etc. are easily avaialble).

Source Code Management Matrix - A CVS, Subversion, and Git Reference Table

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Today I had to check in into CVS after millions of years having passed since I last invoked cvs in a terminal. I was really surprised how much I forgot about the tool I was using on a daily basis, several million years ago. As I converted towards using Git mostly and need to use SVN occasionally I decided to make my own little SCM Matrix here, to remember just the basics. Of course, CVS, SVN, and Git work completely different and creating a repository in CVS has very little in common with creating a repository in Git.

Disable GNOME Keyring When Moving From GNOME to KDE

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or how to get rid of:
p11-kit: couldn't load module: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/pkcs11/

After I moved my ubuntu desktop to kubuntu, the gnome-keyring always was started at every login, asking for my password. Besides the fact, that gnome-keyring does not feel native when working on KDE, every time I invoked svn in the terminal, I saw the error message from the subtitle. The solution was pretty tedious to find, so I hope to save you and myself some time if this will happen again.