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Fixing the highlight window in IRSSI after restart

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After reading an article on quadpoint.org I have been configured my IRSSI irc client with a highlight window as suggested by the author. Since I am running IRSSI in a screen/tmux environment, I only need to restart it when my (virtual) machine has been restarted, which is rarely the case. However, after restart, the highlight window is rarely in the right place.

Installing clang_complete using Pathogen

Today I installed clang_complete using Pathogen (i. e., I installed it as a submodule of my dotfiles git repository aka nesono-bin. I tried to be smart and went into the submodule’s directory and invoked make install. That nicely built the vimball and installed itself - but whenever I tried to open a cpp-file I got the following error:

Transferstack rewrite in Python

A long while ago, I re-wrote the transfer stack for the shell in Python. The transfer stack is the counterpart to the directory dtack, which is known by the commands pushd, popd, and dirs. The corresponding tools of the transfer stack are pusht, popt, and transfers, all of which can be found in my github repository.

Let Postfix 'listen' on 465 and 587

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Check out the recent update on my mail server documentation here. After years of using my mail server actively, I finally changed to an ISP that blocks port 25, so I had to add the two ports from the head line to the postfix ports. However, the solution did not turn out to be straight forward but involved iptables rules.

Just follow above link and read on.


Creating a bootable USB Stick on Mac OS X from an ISO Image

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This is actually just a copy of an article from ubuntu.com, but they tend to move things around and I like to have short search times. Apart from that, this works for FreeBSD and even for Windows (tested with Windows 7) as well. Sorry for this this blatant plagiarism, but it might be also to your advantage ;)

One more note: If you want to create a bootable USB stick to be used on a Mac/OS X, do not forget to format the stick with Disk Utility to HFS+ with a GUID partition table.

Enable Spell Checking in VIM for Latex, etc.

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Yesterday, I needed to start spellchecking my latest paper and gave :help spell a try in vim. The following line made me almost completely happy:

:setlocal spell spelllang=en_us

After that, typos were highlighted with respect to the alleged error made and suggestions are queried using z= for the word under the cursor or the selection in visual mode. Alternatively, the word can be added to the list of accepted words by pressing zg.