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Using xargs on OS X to rebuild all my tikzdevice images with Rscript

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The last update of R’s tikzdevice (0.7.0) broke all my manually tuned graphs and now I have way too large margins, symbols and text sizes, etc. Even though this update was actually a fix to the previously broken tikzdevice (it simply needed insane amount of margins compared to the other output devices due to fishy metrics), I had workarounds in each graph which I had to fix now - again - manually.

Install R with Home Brew under Mac OS X

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After some years as a MacPorts user I decided to give home brew a try, which are advertising their package manager with the sentence “Homebrew — MacPorts driving you to drink? Try Homebrew!”. The idea is not to build everything from scratch and create another software micro cosmos but to reuse existing Mac OS X abilities and save some space (as well as [cpu] time for updates). Sounds promising I thought and installed it according to the website’s description.

A usable R-GUI under (Windows), Mac OS X, and Linux

Some days ago I found a nice GUI for R: RStudio! It works as it should always have been: with a workspace/data browser, script editor (with source on save), documentation viewer, file browser, and a plot view. If you already feel familar with R, you should definately check it out, it will probably second your workflow as hell. At least it did for me…