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Lldb Breakpoint Stuff

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Just like in my previous post I need to jot down some useful commands for Lldb because I need to look them up so often. It contains standard breakpoint handling and running - just the very simple basics I should never forget. Note that this document will grow over time, hopefully.

First of all, do not forget to prepend xcrun to lldb, that makes it much more useable:

Vim Packages for C/C++ Programming finally working - almost

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After my last trials with OmniCppComplete, exuberant-ctags, and similar vim plugins or packages I was really reluctant to restart this endeavor again and again with disappointment in the end.

While IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio, and XCode were getting stronger, my vim usage has degraded to plain text and short task single file editing where fewer magic was sufficient and the universal powers of vim most appropriate. Even then, I was often drawn to editors like Sublime Text 2 due to features like multi cursor and plugins like emmet.

Transferstack rewrite in Python

A long while ago, I re-wrote the transfer stack for the shell in Python. The transfer stack is the counterpart to the directory dtack, which is known by the commands pushd, popd, and dirs. The corresponding tools of the transfer stack are pusht, popt, and transfers, all of which can be found in my github repository.

Source Code Management Matrix - A CVS, Subversion, and Git Reference Table

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Today I had to check in into CVS after millions of years having passed since I last invoked cvs in a terminal. I was really surprised how much I forgot about the tool I was using on a daily basis, several million years ago. As I converted towards using Git mostly and need to use SVN occasionally I decided to make my own little SCM Matrix here, to remember just the basics. Of course, CVS, SVN, and Git work completely different and creating a repository in CVS has very little in common with creating a repository in Git.