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Add SSH Public Key With One Command

As I always forget the exact syntax and am too chicken-hearted to fool around, I note down the command to add one’s public key to the authorized keys on the remote machine (to login using pub/private key pair only) here. Use the following command ( might be on your site).

cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh "cat - >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"

That’s it,

A usable R-GUI under (Windows), Mac OS X, and Linux

Some days ago I found a nice GUI for R: RStudio! It works as it should always have been: with a workspace/data browser, script editor (with source on save), documentation viewer, file browser, and a plot view. If you already feel familar with R, you should definately check it out, it will probably second your workflow as hell. At least it did for me…


Linux Server for iCal and Apple Address Book

Today I read about an DAViCal update, which is supposed to support the CardDav protocol, the native Apple Address Book protocol. I started by creating an “Addressbook Principal” by Hand using the DAViCal web interface, as also explained in the DAViCal Wiki and set its name to ‘contacts’. The point is, that I can add a contact either on my phone or desktop and it syncs automatically. No more need to synchronize devices by hand!

Changing the "From" address field in /usr/bin/mail

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Today I needed to send a mail to a mailing list, which I joined using an old mail address, which turned into an alias only address a while ago. I hence needed to send a single mail to the list with this old address and did not want to add it as an identity to my mail application - it simply wasn’t worth the effort.