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Repair Time Machine after Computer Upgrade or Logic Board Fix

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Some weeks ago, I got a new MacBookPro and installed the new system using my Time Machine backup disk - great feature! After installation, it was the very same system, I was working at before - except for some minor changes (like the MAC address, etc). Anyhow, Time Machine did not want to re-use the old Time Machine backups on my new laptop and hence started a new directory. I left the old directory on my disk, even without being usable at all and today, I found a page, which is coping with a very similar problem and adapted it to my situation.

Move the Time Machine Backup Disk to a RAID 1

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Today I was searching for an opportunity to move my existing Time Machine backup disk to a RAID system. I wanted to create a RAID 1 by simply adding another drive to my existing backup drive and restore my old Time Machine data on the RAID, afterwards. The following steps were accomplished with standard Mac OS X™ tools and can be performed for non-RAID systems as well.

Timecode 4

A hundred times, I wished to have some application, that inserts a visual timecode into a movie or image sequence, e. g. for embedding timecode  blender sequences or delay measurements or whatever. After some browsing, I found no application fitting my needs and therefore started to write my own, using Trolltech’s Qt3.X of past time. Now, I upgraded to Qt4.X, migrated the old application towards it and added some further functionality (e. g. dragging of the timecode box, etc).

I moved the project to sourceforge once and now moved it to github - just to keep on moving. The application is not super-sophisticated, but it works :) Anyhow, if you experience problems with it, please drop me a note.