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Linux Server for iCal and Apple Address Book

Today I read about an DAViCal update, which is supposed to support the CardDav protocol, the native Apple Address Book protocol. I started by creating an “Addressbook Principal” by Hand using the DAViCal web interface, as also explained in the DAViCal Wiki and set its name to ‘contacts’. The point is, that I can add a contact either on my phone or desktop and it syncs automatically. No more need to synchronize devices by hand!

Software RAID Problems under Mac OS X

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From time to time, my software RAID 1 behaves ugly. After sleep periods for instance, it ejects and is no longer in sync. Today, I read an article from Apple, which seems to address my problem. They are using diskutil on the command line and it seems to provide more information about the RAID’s status than the Disk Utility GUI. It presents information like this.

Merging and Encrypting Multiple PDF Files under Mac OS X (Snow Leopard)

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Today I needed to merge and encrypt multiple PDF files into one and thought to remember it to be an easy task. Well, it is actually, but with some things to keep in mind and hence this post. So, if you want to merge PDF files in Mac OS X, you can do the following:

Using gitx from the Terminal

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This information is neither new, nor secret, but useful by all means. Gitx, the git GUI for Mac OS X has additional functionality to be invoked from the Terminal right beside your favourite editor!

Select Enable Terminal Usage... from the GitX frontmost menu and enter your administrator password. Make sure, that /usr/local/bin is in your PATH variable and try gitx --help from your Terminal.

Mac OS X Ctrl-H and/or Delete/Backspace Problems with GNU Screen [UPDATE]

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Today I found the issue of a problem, I struggled for quite a while! With my Mac logging into my server and running some GNU Screen session on it, I had problems with backspace. It was either interpreted as delete, or not interpreted at all. Setting the Preferences of Mac’s Terminal to Ctrl-H sending was not the solution either, as this disabled all special characters (using option-u for example). Furthermore, I noticed several crashes of my ssh sessions.