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Add SSH Public Key With One Command

As I always forget the exact syntax and am too chicken-hearted to fool around, I note down the command to add one’s public key to the authorized keys on the remote machine (to login using pub/private key pair only) here. Use the following command (id_rsa.pub might be id_dsa.pub on your site).

cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh user@site.com "cat - >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"

That’s it,

OS X Lion Tedious Installation

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Even though the title seems to exaggerate slightly, I need to say, that the 33 minutes OS X Lion claims to need for installation - and it does not correct itself by measuring the time - can never be reached with hard drives, at least not for an upgrade. For my first installation, I was waiting for 75 minutes and the second installation tells me that 28 minutes are left (after 40 ‘real’ minutes).

Remove Old Snow Leopard Shortcut For Spaces - Cmd-Middle Button

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It’s a bit tricky, but today I fixed a small problem of an obsolete shortcut in OS X Lion. I used to have Cmd-Right on Exposé and Cmd-Middle on Spaces, to have both functions short at hand. After I upgraded to Lion from Snow Leopard, Spaces and Exposé are merged into Mission Control, which was a wise decision, but my mouse shortcuts were migrated BOTH to Mission Control.

Change Folder When Proceeding to Next Unread Message in Postbox Mail Application

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While trying Postbox under Mac, I soon realized it’s a thunderbird derivative. However, using Thunderbird I was able to use the ‘N’ short cut to switch to next unread message no matter in which folder it resides. After senseless searches in the virtual Postbox documentation, I searched for it at Mozilla and found the result instantly. However, you need to edit the configuration by hand, which seems a bit nerdy for a comfortable Mac Application.

Nesono-Bin Bashtils RM to Trash Now with Put Back Support

I just changed my helper script, which moves the specified files into Trash instead of deleting them directly to use the Finder by calling AppleScript. This change now enables the Put Back feature from Mac OS X Trash, which was not available using the method before. Get a copy from github and enjoy.

Install R with Home Brew under Mac OS X

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After some years as a MacPorts user I decided to give home brew a try, which are advertising their package manager with the sentence “Homebrew — MacPorts driving you to drink? Try Homebrew!”. The idea is not to build everything from scratch and create another software micro cosmos but to reuse existing Mac OS X abilities and save some space (as well as [cpu] time for updates). Sounds promising I thought and installed it according to the website’s description.

A usable R-GUI under (Windows), Mac OS X, and Linux

Some days ago I found a nice GUI for R: RStudio! It works as it should always have been: with a workspace/data browser, script editor (with source on save), documentation viewer, file browser, and a plot view. If you already feel familar with R, you should definately check it out, it will probably second your workflow as hell. At least it did for me…