TIG - Git Curses Interface


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Since some weeks, I am almost completely using tig for my work with git repositories. It requires a unix shell and git to be installed (I have not tried to install it on windows) and I have found that the keyboard shortcuts need some tweaking.

The shortcuts are easy to remember and are particularly easy to use on a US layout keyboard (i. e., where |, {}, [], etc. are easily avaialble).

Standard Tasks
= adds/removes files/changes from the index.
- discards changes in tracked file.
x deletes untracked files.
< fetches the current state from the origin.
> pushes to the origin.
| rebases the current branch
{ branches off (prompts for branch name)
} merges (prompts for branch to merge)
c commits verbosely (shows changes in editor)
+ amends to last commit
^ pushes to stash
v pops from stash
[ decrease diff context
] increase diff context
p cherry-pick a selected commit
Standard Views
1 main view
2 status view
3 view log
4 tree view
5 stash view
6 grep view
l list branches (generic)
Small Helpers
l graphical log for selected file (tree view only)
r git ls-remote
P fetch all and prune
y copy truncated hash to clipboard
Y copy full hash to clipboard
c checkout branch (branch view only)

There are some small additional settings as well as some sensible defaults. Check them using the h key.
The full tigrc file can also be found on github.