Using xargs on OS X to rebuild all my tikzdevice images with Rscript


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The last update of R’s tikzdevice (0.7.0) broke all my manually tuned graphs and now I have way too large margins, symbols and text sizes, etc. Even though this update was actually a fix to the previously broken tikzdevice (it simply needed insane amount of margins compared to the other output devices due to fishy metrics), I had workarounds in each graph which I had to fix now - again - manually.

I knew I needed to rebuild all tex files from the corresponding R files and so was able run a simple but awesome script that accelerated the whole process a lot. It boils down to the tip I got from Munky Morgy, which finally made xargs on OS X work for me:

find . -regex '.*/[^_].*\.R' -print0 | xargs -0 -P 16 -I {} ./ {}

This searches for all files ending with .R and not starting with an underscore below the current directory. Files starting with underscore are include or helper files in my project, so I do not want to process those.

The script is simple as that:

Rscript $1 ${1%%.R}.tex

And in each R file, I use the first argument as my output file. What a relief - now latexmk should take the leap and parallelise building of the tex sources. ;)