Fixing the highlight window in IRSSI after restart


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After reading an article on I have been configured my IRSSI irc client with a highlight window as suggested by the author. Since I am running IRSSI in a screen/tmux environment, I only need to restart it when my (virtual) machine has been restarted, which is rarely the case. However, after restart, the highlight window is rarely in the right place. To work around that, I am using the following steps to regain original window layout. I am sharing them with you as it might either help you getting your layout back or you might help us finding a better solution.

First of all, I switch to the highlight window using the escape key. Then, I am invoking the following commands:

/window new split
/window size 16
/hilight nesono

Do not forget to change nesono to your username instead.
Happy IRSSI‘ng,