Davical Problems due to Apple Address Book Bug


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I just added a workaround for DAViCal with Apple’s Address Book application. Since my update to 10.7.4, I was no longer able to add a contact to the server and the card stopped the whole server communication to fail completely.

Looking at the apache logs showed me the following error:
[Mon Jul 23 11:54:16 2012] [error] [client] davical: LOG: :Response status 500 for POST /caldav.php/username/contacts/1101e8b5-071b-4b40-8293-b74d35264665.vcf

After some additional research, I found this thread on the DAViCal list/forum - beware of the flame war side effects. Fortunately, Andrew himself answered and gave a neat patch - even though spread over different posts. So I’d like to sum up the solution here.

First, I opened the file /usr/share/davical/inc/DAVResource.php, jumped to line 1641 and added the following line

case 'DAV::add-member':
  if ( ! $this->_is_collection ) return false;
  if ( isset($c->post_add_member) && $c->post_add_member === false ) return false;
  $reply->DAVElement( $prop, 'add-member', $reply->href(ConstructURL(DeconstructURL($this->url())).'?add-member') );

Then, you should add the following line to your /etc/davical/calendar.example.com-conf.php

// post member work around for Mac 10.7.4 - patch is in /usr/share/davical/inc/DAVResource.php:1641
$c->post_add_member = false;

And that’s it. Cheers,