When You Can Not Paste Your Password into the Webform


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Today I visited one of these web pages that try to increase your security by prohibiting pasting the password from the clipboard. As I use a password generator and like to have large passwords, typing the password by hand three times was no option for me. I searched the web for a solution and found nothing. Maybe I was just asking the wrong questions, but I don’t mind. Here’s my solution.

With the web form opened in a modern browser (i. e. Chrome, Safari or Firefox) and an inspection tool installed (built-in with Chrome/Safari, provided with Firebug for Firefox), I was able to simply disable the pseudo security annoyance:

With the focus in the password text input, right click and choose Inspect Element. Then simply edit the appearing HTML and change onpaste="return false;" to onpaste="". Be sure to repeat this for every entry element, but in general, there are no more than two of them.

That’s it, iss