OS X Lion Tedious Installation


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Even though the title seems to exaggerate slightly, I need to say, that the 33 minutes OS X Lion claims to need for installation - and it does not correct itself by measuring the time - can never be reached with hard drives, at least not for an upgrade. For my first installation, I was waiting for 75 minutes and the second installation tells me that 28 minutes are left (after 40 ‘real’ minutes).

Anyhow, here is the useful part of this post: Do not think your installation is frozen, hangs at some problem or something really bad happened. It’s just OS X Liar ;)

Cheers, iss


Hi Jochen,

have you also updated your Mac you use for music production to Lion?

After reading this http://heise.de/-1 283 034 I decided to wait…

Additionally the control panel of my 2-channel audio interface U24 requires rosetta, unfortunately. :(



PS: Nice editor!


yes, I couldn't help it - Lion is quite nice, even though I dislike Launchpad, but as long as I use launchbar…

I only checked, if the Fireface is still supported and it is (even better than with SL). Logic runs stable as well and everything seems to work fine including NI Plugins… Rosetta has been removed AFAIK.

I reckon it highly depends on what hardware and software you use. I am afraid I was just lucky ;) You could try installation on an external hard drive, if you're reluctant.

The editor is that one :)