Install Octave with Home Brew under Mac OS X


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To install GNU Octave, an Open Source Matlab clone under Mac OS X, you will need to install fltk and GraphicsMagick as specific versions first. To do so, install both using the following commands:

brew install --HEAD fltk
brew install --with-magick-plus-plus GraphicsMagick

Then, after installation has finished, you can proceed with the installation of GNU Octave as follows:

brew install octave

After that, I installed gnuplot as well (no, it’s not in the dependency list), because fltk was somehow no longer available in octave after my last reboot. Just invoke the following to get gnuplot (takes a while):

brew install gnuplot

That’s it again.



I just found a nice site about Octave debugging. It told me about the following two functions, which are very nice for debugging, which is a pretty pity in Octave in contrast to Matlab :/


If you want to add a breakpoint to your function at a specific line, use the following statement


Then you can use the dbxxx commands to debug your code:

dbstep, dbcont, d bnext, ...

Happy debugging!

Had to run the following to get graphicsmagick compiling:

brew install –use-gcc –force –HEAD –with-magick-plus-plus GraphicsMagick