Writing a Thesis in LaTeX on Mac OS X


This page is ongoing work, thus please be patient until I finished the documentation.

Since I have been using LaTeX under Mac OS X for quite a while now, I’d like to write down my experiences and especially my configurations here, to share it both with you and my future self. My configuration is build on the usage of different building blocks. Most of which should be exchangeable with the modules of your choice, especially regarding the editor.

The configuration is supposed to be easy to use and in particular convenient, i. e., not having to invoke (pdf)latex over and over again. However, all this comfort requires some configuration work first and this might not be completely easy, especially compared to Linux setups, where you just need to call aptitude install blabla.... The LaTeX environment I introduce here is based upon the following tools.

  • Texlive: the TeX system
  • Latexmk: the build system
  • Skim: the pdf viewer
  • R the statistical/plotting tool - optional
  • Scrivener professional writing tool - optional

I hope you find the following pages useful and would be happy if you drop some comments!