Logic Pro 8 crashing frequently under Snow Leopard


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While using it for quite a while now and without serious problems, Snow Leopard seems to work together with Logic Pro 8 no longer! It’s really suspicious, that it suddenly began to crash almost every time, I wanted to use it and several reports from other users seem to prove the same:

The only thing supposing to work is upgrading to Logic Pro 9 - very funny Steve! So, if you need to work with Logic Pro 8, don’t upgrade your Leopard!

[Update] In the following I describe the setup I am using after the shock fade-out. Since I was reluctant towards downgrading and spent time trying different hardware connection orders, I came up with an interesting solution. First of all, I upgraded to Logic Pro 9 (gnn), bad enough, Logic 9 did freeze as well whenever I plugged my Fireface 400 to my mac (took me while to discover). I searched through the archives of RME and they claimed a possible bug in the Firewire driver interface connection handling routine framework (funny by purpose) and the only way I could get my Fireface interface running was connecting it as soon, as the mac was on Power. I am using a switchable power outlet for quite a while, so I simply attached the Fireface using its DC adapter to the same power outlet as the mac and switched the Fireface from bus powered to power supply. Now, everytime I switch on the power outlet, the Fireface switches on automatically and then I boot my mac. Maybe this can work for Logic 8 as well - I did not give it a try. I am happy to have a stable setup now and am cured from hardware trials for quite a while…

Cheers, iss