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Disable GNOME Keyring When Moving From GNOME to KDE

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or how to get rid of:
p11-kit: couldn't load module: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/pkcs11/

After I moved my ubuntu desktop to kubuntu, the gnome-keyring always was started at every login, asking for my password. Besides the fact, that gnome-keyring does not feel native when working on KDE, every time I invoked svn in the terminal, I saw the error message from the subtitle. The solution was pretty tedious to find, so I hope to save you and myself some time if this will happen again.

Using @font-face for Clean Fixed Fonts On Any Platform

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As I promised a while ago, I will discover some details of the current nesono Drupal 7 theme. It has been optimized towards readability and is inspired by services like pocket (read it later), readability, and the reading plugins for several browsers.

In this post, I will explain the font settings as specified in the CSS files of this site’s theme.

Using LaTeX 'siunitx' Package With Version 1 and 2

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I always forget how to configure siunitx correctly in the preemble of a LaTeX document. What makes it worse it that newer TeX distributions deliver version 2 while older distributions still use version 1 and both use different configuration variables. If you use version 1, you’d probably want to use the following configuration:

When You Can Not Paste Your Password into the Webform

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Today I visited one of these web pages that try to increase your security by prohibiting pasting the password from the clipboard. As I use a password generator and like to have large passwords, typing the password by hand three times was no option for me. I searched the web for a solution and found nothing. Maybe I was just asking the wrong questions, but I don’t mind. Here’s my solution.