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Enable Spell Checking in VIM for Latex, etc.

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Yesterday, I needed to start spellchecking my latest paper and gave :help spell a try in vim. The following line made me almost completely happy:

:setlocal spell spelllang=en_us

After that, typos were highlighted with respect to the alleged error made and suggestions are queried using z= for the word under the cursor or the selection in visual mode. Alternatively, the word can be added to the list of accepted words by pressing zg.

Migrating an SVN repository or: SourceForge Acknowledged Timecode4

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I need to migrate my local svn repository to sourceforge an therefore checked the web for such experiences once again. Recently, I found this site, which has a neat trick for avoiding all these padding revisions from svndumpfilter. But let’s keep it chronological. Here are the steps I took: