September 2014

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Add Loopback Network Interface with Alias on FreeBSD

Note that this page will be part of a documentation about setting up a server using FreeBSD with similar features to the existing server documentation. Also note that this page is still work in progress

To use EzJail on a FreeBSD host, e. g. to sandbox different services, you need to add a loopback network interface and add some aliases to it. Jails networking seems to require a dedicated network and loopback aliases can not run on the external interface. Follow the next paragraphs to add one loopback interface including three aliases.

Formatting Text in Skype

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Today I found out some features of the Skype chat that must have sneaked in in the last versions, since nobody has posted about it yet. I was having a hard time when pasting text into the chat which contained character that were easily misinterpreted as emoticons, e. g. (0) as well as using basic text formatting like bold, italic or strikethrough.