March 2013

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Let Postfix 'listen' on 465 and 587

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Check out the recent update on my mail server documentation here. After years of using my mail server actively, I finally changed to an ISP that blocks port 25, so I had to add the two ports from the head line to the postfix ports. However, the solution did not turn out to be straight forward but involved iptables rules.

Just follow above link and read on.


Add iptables Rules for Postfix to Support Ports 465 and 587

As I could not convince postfix to listen to different ports than 25 for local mail delivery AND use dovecote as the LDA, I decided to add iptables rules to forward all incoming connections to standard ports 465 and 587 to my primary port 25. Note that port 587 makes TLS mandatory and due to the fact that I suppress non-TLS I don’t run into problems here.