December 2012

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Source Code Management Matrix - A CVS, Subversion, and Git Reference Table

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Today I had to check in into CVS after millions of years having passed since I last invoked cvs in a terminal. I was really surprised how much I forgot about the tool I was using on a daily basis, several million years ago. As I converted towards using Git mostly and need to use SVN occasionally I decided to make my own little SCM Matrix here, to remember just the basics. Of course, CVS, SVN, and Git work completely different and creating a repository in CVS has very little in common with creating a repository in Git.

Pretty Figures with tikzDevice

The standard way to integrate graphics into LaTeX is still by using the graphicx package. If you happen to create most of your graphs with GNU/R like me, you can instead use the tikzDevice package. Note that by the time of this blog post the tikzDevice package is not available in the archive due to failing tests. Anyhow, the package is fully functional (at least as far as I can tell). Read my other blog post on how to install it anyway.


After installing the TeX distribution and having created a project folder with a .tex file in it, you can simply enter your project directory and invoke it using the following command:

latexmk [file]

If you want to use pdflatex instead, use